LCDC Writes to Boris and The TFL

To: The Chair of the Transport for London Board: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP.

From: The Chair of the London Cab Drivers Club: Grant Davis.

Dear Mr Mayor,
On the 17th of March, you will be asked to approve or reject a set of proposals and new rules for the Private Hire trade in London that could effectively signal the end of the world’s best Taxi trade and which may not be in the best interest of all Londoners. Citizens who do not necessarily wish to use a particular PH Operator to book a car, via a smartphone, but wish to avail themselves of a London Taxi, use a bus, ride a bicycle or walk as an alternative.

In September 2015, TFL sought to consult on a number of issues which largely came from the recommendations of the Taxi and Private Hire investigation at City Hall carried out by the London Assembly’s Transport Scrutiny Committee, jointly chaired by Caroline Pidgeon and Valerie Shawcross.


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