Just A Few Reminders About Tomorrow’s Demonstration In Whitehall.

The demo has been called by the UCG and is supported by the LCDC, RMT, ITA, Dads Defending Daughters, Mayfair Mod and SaveTaxi, groups that have the trades best interest at heart.
The demo is official and has full permission from the Met police.
This is not a mass ply for hire, so lights off.
But remember when your light is off, you are not classed as working and must wear your seat belt.
Also don’t play with your phone while driving or stationary with the engine running.
Use hands free.
If you want to take photos/Videos and your stuck in the demo traffic, get out to take them.
It’s rumoured that TfL’s new Compliance Team will be out in force, but remember, as you are not working….
They have no power to stop and talk to you i.e. NO BADGE AND BILL CHECKS
As demo is official, you are not causing an obstruction, so if you receive a letter regarding your actions at the protest, asking you to attend Palestra… ignore it.
On past demos letters were sent out, but as far as we know, there was no action taken against drivers who were advised by their orgs not to attend Palestra.
(We believe that out of the dozen or so letters sent out, only one driver attended)
As a government body, TfL’s COs can not mount a surveillance operation without a document called a RIPA.
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (c.23) (RIP or RIPA) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, regulating the powers of public bodies to carry out surveillance and investigation, and covering the interception of communications.


If you see a CO taking plate numbers or ID badge numbers, take their photo, approach and ask to see their RIPA. If they don’t have one, take their details which you are entitled to and make an official complaint to the police.
(Remember these new COs have been gagging at the bit to report drivers over the last week, for The heinous crime of not having CC stickers).
Our demos have always been peaceful, let’s keep it that way.

Please comply with all directions from the police.

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