Jersey taxi drivers need ‘customer training’ says report

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The report found 40% of people felt that customer care from taxi drivers was fair to poor

A report on Jersey’s transport network has found an “urgent need” for better customer service from taxi drivers.

The study by the Jersey Consumer Council found that 40% of the 3,000 people surveyed felt customer care in taxis was “fair to poor”.

It focused on the running and quality of service of Jersey’s transport links.

Michael Tostevin, president of Jersey’s taxi drivers association, accepted improvements could be made, but denied they were “urgent”.


  • Buses: 90% of people feel safe on the Island’s buses, but they have asked for more seating for waiting passengers at Liberation Station and a better town service
  • Taxis: 40% felt that customer care was fair to poor. The fare disparity between rank taxis and private hire needs addressing, as well as the very high cost of taxis full stop
  • Ferries: Great customer care, but investment in stock is needed to avoid so many technical problems causing delays and more routes needed
  • Airlines: Customer care ratings show a big disparity – For BA, 94% rated services as good or excellent, but for Flybe only 56% did
  • Improved and more regular monitoring of service level agreements to ensure that consumer interests are at the heart of our transport links
  • Very few people know their travel statutory rights (as few as 9%)

Advocate Rose Colley, Consumer Council Chairwoman, said while 60% were happy with the customer service, the number of people saying it was fair or poor was significant.

She said : “The travelling public need affordable pricing and the provision of regular and reliable all year round services which operate in their interest, not just the company’s.

“Although there is a mixed response regarding consumer experience, the results of the survey clearly show there is an urgent need for customer care training in certain areas of transport such as the taxi industry and some of the airlines.”

Mr Tostevin said: “With any organisation of nearly 150 people there will always be one or two who need to smarten up but I challenge the comments with the attitudes of some of the drivers.

“In my experience most of the drivers are very helpful, I have never found them to be rude.”

The report also looked at other areas of transport including buses, airlines and ferries.

It found 90% of people felt safe on the Island’s buses, but that more seating for waiting passengers at Liberation Station was needed.

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