Incompetent, Corrupt Or A Hidden Agenda ?

Is it one of these, two of these or all three ? It must be at least one of them !
Quite frankly, the photograph of Boris Johnson sitting at the wheel of one of our work horses, made me feel sick !
Furthermore, the latest U turn on his personal views of what the Uber App represented, made me even more suspicious. As far as this politician and our London Cab Trade are concerned, this man is not to be trusted.Just as Livingstone did, Johnson will betray our trade and united trade support, and the quicker he has left City Hall the better it will be for us.
He is the Head of The Greater London Authority, and yet apparently doesn’t have either the powers or the spine, to control Peter Hendy or Leon Daniels, who answer to him. Or if the truth be known, doesn’t want to.
If he had, then maybe Johnson and Daniels would get their stories to collaborate correctly, and both agree on the same thing. The problem is of course, Johnson now states that the Uber App is a meter, and Daniels says that he thinks it isn’t, and that Uber are licensed are fit and proper to operate under their current operating style, which is of course by using a meter disguised as an app.
Now, to me, this stinks. In fact, the whole network of The London Mayor and his Transport For London system, stinks.
For instance, how is it, that the duty of the driver complaints system for Private Hire is not dealt with by TFL, as it is with us, and instead dealt with apparently by the Operators who they work for ? Could that situation not lead to corruption, or worse still, serious undeclared violations of licence?
Isn’t that like instead of having a referee on a football field, any decisions of whether a foul or penalty should take place, is dealt with by the player’s manager ?
Jim please let me get away with one swear word on this post mate, because this is Bollox !
If Johnson who is Mayor states that the App is a meter, then how can Daniels say “Uber remains a licensed PH operator in London, fulfilling the requirements as set out in private hire legislation.”  …….Because they effing ain’t, are they ? They ain’t allowed a meter Daniels, and your governor said so !
It’s the same with the old bollox (last one, Jim !) about the DBS, old CRB check. I quote Daniels again ” To be licensed, and in the absence of a DBS check, a certificate of good conduct is required from the Embassy of the country of origin.”
Are you joking, Leon Daniels ? Are you serious ? You ever been to these countries ?  I have !  I could get a driving licence, a marriage licence and a passport and still have enough left over out of a bullseye for a large chicken shawarma with chilli sauce and salad !  A certificate of good conduct from their Embassy ? Who writes these “certificates” out , Bin Hammam from Qatar ?  Like many others I know, most of these officials and their Government officers, couldn’t lay in bed straight ! A certificate of good conduct ? Your’e honestly only joking, I know you are ! It’s Christmas after all. We all need pranksters for good cheer !
Try and get a job with MI5 with one of these “certificates” ! They’d laugh you out of Vauxhall !
And yet………..they’re good enough for TFL. As long as you adhere to the guidance, that’s as far as TFL are prepared to go. No pride, no standards, no loyalty to the forensically checked London Licensed Trade, just take all the rubbish from everywhere, as long as you stick to the guidance.
Which brings me back to these illusionists, Uber.  Surely, any respectable, licensing authority anywhere, would naturally bodyswerve an outfit as controversial as Uber, until the legalities had been well and truly sorted out and etched in stone ?  After all, any transparent and upfront licensing authority wouldn’t want to be associated with anything that may leave embarrassing or dubious history in their tracks. Would it ? Pardon the cliché, but isn’t it more than their job’s worth ?
Since Ubers appearance in London, TFL, Daniels in particular, appear to have welcomed them with open arms. Why is that ? There’s nothing in it personal for them, after all. They are just another mini cab outfit who pay TFL for licences aren’t they ?
It’s strange to see such underlying support from such a controversial mini cab firm, I think.  If I were in charge of either surface transport or licensing, Uber’s reputation and previous form would frighten the life out of me. Allegations of world wide  complaints regarding sexual assault, invasion of privacy, allegations of data protection abuse. etc etc……….I would run a mile, and I would only be prepared to deal with them when all the legalities of their operational intent had been clarified.
But that’s not the case with TFL, is it ? Why is that then ?  After all, London isn’t short of mini cabs is it ?  Strange turnout this.
Personally, I don’t think Uber are anywhere near as good as they reckon they are either. Their only asset is of huge financial backing which obviously is an advantageous one, but other than that, their expertise, people skills, driving skills and topography professionalism ain’t worth two bob !
But obviously, we have to challenge them on account of 400 years of principles and professional criteria at stake. Otherwise everybody would be inventing meter apps.
If we let money and financial backing override the laws of our land, we would be no better than the countries I refer to earlier, and the Lord knows how many envelopes stuffed with cash would be flying about.
From way back as far as 2008/2009, I have made posts on this site and others, to say that I think their is a deep hidden agenda in motion here. I thought it back then, and I think it even more today. The rate at which TFL welcome in mini cabs and dish out permits and roundels is breathtaking ! The old chant from LTPH about customers want choice, has been well and truly flooded. There are way more mini cabs in London now, than is required. Yet still the money making mini cab gravy train hurtles down the track.
Everyone is welcome !  Get a “certificate” from your Embassy, get a motor, pay TFL your dosh…….and fill your boots ! Like a nut and a bolt. What could be more simpler ?
And they come, and come, and come and come and come…………..Don’t worry about Enforcement & Compliance either. The two officers they used to have are in Madame Tussauds.
London and TFL are lucky to have at their disposal the very best knowledgable, licensed, medically fit, PROPERLY CHECKED, professional taxi drivers in the world. But they couldn’t give a monkeys about us, or our heritage or our platinum standard.
I agree, that sure, the public should be given a choice, and they do have. But to ignore mega rich offshore companies abusing and finding loop holes in our laws to peddle their inferior service, just because they have the dough to do it,  is surely going in the same direction as countries such as Qatar and South Africa..
England used to be proud of it’s upright reputation of integrity, status and compliance.  That sadly isn’t true anymore, is it ?
According to Apex, oil and Gas rich foreigners have crawled into our proud heritage and fabric, like maggots on the carcass of a bird. Look around our wonderful City and delve into the complicated and cleverly financed details to reveal the horror. All is not what it seems.
Rest assured that it is not our country anymore, financially anyway. The sway and the power of corrupt foreign investors has left a trail that the very best of forensic accountants would struggle with.
It seems that nothing is sacred anymore, even our country’s  professional integrity.
I have personally operated in offshore foreign countries. I have witnessed first hand the power of the pound note and the law of the blade. Nobody is trusted, nobody is safe, and nobody expects to be either. What an awful way to live and work. I was glad to come home. Home to a safe, trusted, respected and decent country.  Over the last ten years or so though, my opinion has changed.
It’s a dreadful case of every man for himself. That’s how we are all becoming, and as Jim said in a previous post, it is even rearing it’s ugly head in our trade now, as newer drivers join our ranks.
The answer ? I only wish I knew. I think the cancer has well and truly eaten it’s way into the heart of our old England now.
Even though I think that TFL are out to kill us off, I won’t give up my corner without a fight. It’s the least them betraying, short sighted treason mongers deserve.
And as the old saying goes ” The man with nothing to lose……….has everything to gain !”
Be Lucky all. Stay safe.
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