Help The ITA Email Every MP In The House Of Commons


Dear Taxi Drivers, this is something you can all help with:
We have a request to ask you all, it will take a few minutes of your time, we have written an email template generator that will allow us to get the reasons why the ITA are calling protests that are happening in Parliament Square to your MP.
Specifically you as a driver go onto the page, put in your home postcode it then gets your MP’s name and email address you then put your full name and full address into the page pick a template it builds the email you sent to your MP, it produces the email address, subject line and the body of the email that you copy and paste into an email and send.
Over the weekend we have already sent an email that was similar to this one to every MP, but emails from individuals carry a lot more weight than mass emails from one source, the house of lords is being lobbied as well.
Any problems please email reply
There is an online version of the main bullet points in PDF format for you to read at
Happy hunting.
Thank you for your time.
Wedding Taxis

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