Heart-stopping moment cyclist falls into path of a black cab after swerving to avoid car door

The moment a parked driver opens his door into the cyclist's path (Picture: @AllLondonBoy/Twitter)

The moment a parked driver opens his door into the cyclist’s path (Picture: @AllLondonBoy/Twitter)

Miraculously, the cyclist manages to walk away from the potentially fatal incident relatively unscathed.

The moment was captured on the dashboard camera of a black cab as the driver made his way along Mile End Road yesterday.

The male cyclist is seen riding along the two-lane carriageway between Stepney Green and Whitechapel stations.

As he approaches a row of parked cars, the door of one suddenly opens – forcing him to swerve into the path of the taxi.

In a nail-biting moment, he comes within millimetres of being hit, as the cabbie slams on his brakes just in the nick of time.

After falling from his bicycle into the middle of the road in front of the black cab, the cyclist is seen wincing in pain and gesturing towards the row of parked cars before lying on his back with his right leg bent in the air.

A man and woman come to his aid and lift the bicycle from the road before the clip ends.

The video was posted on Twitter by the cab driver who said: “Dis was me earlier [sic], Was really close. If I didn’t had eyes on rd or if dat ws a Uber den dis guy would have been gone 2day.”

The driver then tweeted that the cyclist had asked to take him for a drink.

“Just spoke to cyclist, he’s nice n well. Man wants to take me out for a drink now,” he said.

The clip has been retweeted by numerous taxi drivers and cycling groups, with many people commenting on how lucky the cyclist was to walk away alive.

One person commented: “Lucky rider. Could have been killed instead of just doored.”

Another posted: “Good save. Hope everyone is alright. What could have been is a scary thought!”

The original poster of the video said he had got details for the driver, who would be paying for damage caused to the black cab.

He added: “Imagine if this was a bus or a truck”.

Source: London Evening Standard

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