The Gloves Are Off : A Call To Arms…by Marc Turner.

And so beginith a week of Taxi trade disobedience, initiated by ‘Dads Defending Daughters’ with RMT backing.
All drivers out there, it’s time to get down and dirty. And for those more reticent to join the fray, lets now start the fight for our own and our chidrens futures.
Let’s show with pride and vigour, we will not be trodden on by this contemptible corrupt rabble of a Tory party, we’re misfortune enough to be governed by!
By their total disregad to regulate and their refusal to enforce, TfL are complicit and must bear responsibility for the recent unprecedented surge in minicab related rapes and sexual attacks on passengers. Their officers have harassed hardworking rank and file Taxi drivers while refusing to acknowledge the constant lawbreaking of the vastly over subscribed private hire sector.
A Call To Arms….Posted on social media by Dads Defending Daughters:
The trade needs to take off the gloves
We need to step forward and be counted
We need to get down and fight dirty.
Dads Defending Daughters have announce week long action to take place every evening.
Read more on the Dads Defending Daughters website: >Click Here<
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