GLA Action Updates : From Unite LTDA, RMT And The LCDC.

There has been movement on support for the action being taken by drivers on Wednesday the 21st of January 2015:
This statement has appeared on the Cab Trade New FaceBook page: 
LONDON ASSEMBLY LABOUR has emailed Unite the union Cab Section with the following advice for the upcoming Mayor’s Question Time.

“While we welcome their presence we would just warn you that this MQT is mostly focussed on the planned rise in fares, and the Taxi Trade is not on the agenda. TfL will not have a response to the Transport Committee report as of yet and as such it may be quite an unsatisfactory meeting for your members.

What we would suggest is that your members coming along for the 25th February Transport Committee meeting in the chamber, where the report issued on the taxi trade is on the agenda, and Sir Peter Hendy will be questioned on this.”

This tweet has appeared on Twitter:
The LTDA will be attending the actual meeting to ask questions of Hendy and so far, have refused to answer if they support any action from drivers.
The RMT has sent their members another text:
      **RMT LONDON**
      **TAXI DRIVERS**
Dear member,
We have been informed that next Wednesday’s Mayor’s Questions will not be the subject of the GLA investigation.
This has instead been assigned to the Transport Panel scrutiny to be held on February 25th @ City Hall.
We urge members to attend this meeting.
Details to follow.
In solidarity
Lewis Norton
Branch Secretary
The LCDC has responded by posting these statements on Twitter this afternoon saying:
No need to throw cold water on next weeks Lobby?
We can do both and keep the pressure on TFL.
Flyers for the Lobby at City Hall on Wednesday 21st Jan are now ready. We will be dropping them of at venues / cafés / maybe handing them out on
Editorial Comment:
So as far as we know, the action regarding the Mayors Question Time on 21st of January (next Wednesday), will still go ahead as planned.
If there are any changes, we will post updates as soon as we get them.
The future is finally looking better.
TfL desperately fear the trade will rise up and unite in action against them, their spin doctors have worked their socks off, as they try to wiggle their way out of the GLA inquiry report. Now they are on the back foot and they are running scared.
This is a war we can win and every battle matters. 
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