GetTaxi CEO sees $500m 2015 revenue and mulls IPO

Shahar Waiser

Shahar Waiser says the taxi ordering app will start making profits this year.

GetTaxi Ltd. founder and CEO Shahar Waiser has disclosed financial details about the taxi order app. He says the company’s revenue is growing 400% annually and it will move to profit this year with revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars. He added that GetTaxi is considering an IPO.

Waiser said that Uber’s fund raising was “excellent news for the industry generally and for GetTaxi in particular. This is the first time people begin to understand how big this sector is. GetTaxi worldwide generates hundreds of millions of dollars sales worldwide for taxis and $100 million revenue for GetTaxi.

He added, “There is no other example in history of a company wth over $100 million in sales growing 400% per year. Both Uber and GetTaxi are doing it. GetTaxi expects sales of $500 million next year.”

Waiser said that GetTaxi was profitable in 22 of the 24 cities in which it operates.

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