Gett Announce Their Intention To Buy Radio Taxis

Press release from Gett:

Gett, have today announced our intention to acquire The Mountview House Group, best known for operating Radio Taxis installed by Altech Electronics Inc. This deal will make Gett the biggest black cab app in the UK.

As a result of this deal we will have more than 11,500 black cabs in London. The deal strengthens this part of our business – getting more and more people riding in black cabs and more money in your pocket at the end of the day. This deal is all about strengthening our commitment to the trade and our faith in the long term future of black cabs in London.

In the short term, Gett will still be Gett and The Mountview House Group will still operate Radio Taxis and their other brands. Longer term, we will look for ways to work more closely together as a single business.

One of the aims of this acquisition is to get even more business back into licensed taxis, as part of the fightback against the new challenges you’re seeing on the streets. The Mountview House Group has some fantastic corporate clients that, longer term, I hope you will get an opportunity to serve through Gett.

The Mountview House Group will also bring to Gett their expertise in driver and customer service via their contact centre – areas where, thanks to your feedback, we are investing. We remain committed to having a real person on the end of the phone, to give you help when you need it – and this acquisition will help us do that.

If you use both Gett and Radio Taxis or Xeta then you don’t need to do anything. In time there may be changes to how you access these services but for the moment you can continue using both as much as you want.

Geoffrey Riesel, Chairman & CEO of Mountview House Group said:

“Our board unanimously supports the deal to become part of Gett. The future of the business as well as that of our drivers and clients is well served by becoming part of this exciting high tech brand, not least because of Gett’s world class mobile app.”

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