Future Of London’s Taxi Trade To Be Debated In Parliament

Parliament to debate “The Future of Black Cabs in London”.
This is a new item, only recently added to the calender.
I note the day chosen is the one before the next Bumper trade Demo.
Back to front rhetoric, we are legal and repeatedly cited as the best in the world.
Concerns with uber are well documented and have been highlighted on many occasions , combined with the strangulation of Londns Roads by excess PHV that CANNOT be pre-booked and therefore need to be near the ‘busy spots’, it’s laughable that this is the angle a potential hopeful for London Mayor is coming at this whole problem.

I’m sure no mention of TFL’s woeful handling will be mentioned at any time or Boris’ refusal to take any responsibility for (now) one of the most congested cities on the planet.
Sean Day.

Thanks to Les  >acnedriver.blogspot.co.uk<

Also Sean, Richard and Dave.
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