French president wants Uber’s cheapest service shut down; Uber says no

PARIS — France’s president wants Uber’s cheapest car service shut down and its vehicles seized, but Uber refuses to stop the service until a ruling by the country’s top court.
The standoff, and a violence-marred taxi strike that upended Paris travel, reflects larger tensions in France over how to regulate fast-moving technology and stay globally competitive while ensuring labor protections.
France’s top security official, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, said Friday that Uber is facing multiple investigations. He spoke to RTL radio a day after striking taxi drivers attacked Uber livery cars and set fire to tires on a major artery around Paris.
Uber’s cheapest service, called UberPop in France, was banned in Paris, but Uber officials insist they will continue their activities until France’s highest court rules on the service.
Source: Denver Post

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