Ever Wondered Why The Statistics On Minicab Related Sexual Assaults, Including Rapes, Were Taking So Long To Make Public ?

Ever wondered why the FOI requests for minicab related sexual assault and rape statistics were taking so long to collate ?

It is our opinion at Taxi Leaks that TfL are trying to water down the effect of the statistic by removing any driver who wasn’t actually signed on to an operator or app at he time of the reported attack.
i.e. The driver was illegally touting outside a club or bar.
It is also our opinion that any driver licensed or not, who was not signed on to an operator or app, or using a licensed vehicle, will be left from this list.
We believe this has been made perfectly clear in this letter from Neil Hasset, customer correspondence manager for surface operations TfL.
Support for the action being organised by the United Cabbies Group on the 8th of November is growing.
Comrades, the United Cabbies Group have balloted their membership for support of direct action.
The RMT has been officially notified and in the interest of solidarity, the branch committee are proposing a united front with UCG and support the action.
The RMT have consistently argued that TFL have breached PHV licensing conditions regarding Uber. As the prima facia of the application is plying for hire, the RMT therefore  support the initiative that seeks to expose TFL’s failing to exercise due diligence.
In solidarity
Lewis Norton
Branch secretary
#SaveTaxi and Action For Cabbies wish to make it known that we fully and unequivocally support the UCG’s call for a demonstration on 8 November 2016 and their request for a public inquiry into TFL.

Stronger Together”

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