Coming Soon…Project Kipper.

Project Kipper is an ongoing project.

This video was just a bit of fun, to try out new equipment. But next time it will be clearer and filmed over an entire evening.
In this trailer, three Uber drivers were approach and asked to take a passenger to Shepherds Bush green.
 1st driver said no problem and gave a price of £15.
 2nd driver was a bit cagey and wanted to give our man the price at destination (??).
 3rd driver wanted our man to download the Uber app first but when our man started to walk away the driver said he was available for hire and offered to take him.
Interestingly, not one Uber driver approached told our man they couldn’t take him.


Project Kipper : A small team of Taxi drivers working undercover

This team caught three touts bang to rights in the space of half an hour.
The TfL funded Met Police Cab Enforcement Unit of over 60 officers convict approx 3 touts per month (TfL statistics 2013-2014).
Perhaps TfL should be looking to employ Taxi drivers to work closely with both TfL Compliance and Cab Enforcement.
At present TfL’s results are woefully inadequate.
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