Chairman Of The United Cabbies Group (UCG) Len Martin, On The CC Mandate.

Legally TfL cannot make anyone take credit without a change in the law.
Ms Chapman said she will change the cab act, well good luck with that, getting a different law for Taxi drivers to every other trade.
If one of our members (UCG) are reported for refusing to accept cards and TfL try to take ANY disciplinary action, then I have warned her our legal scheme will kick in and they will have a legal battle they cannot win.
Then the whole thing is going to explode in her face. I warned her but it appears, she knows best.
Our view is:
“Encourage” yes,
“Incentivise” yes,
“Mandate” No.
It was always understood by us, that the ONLY way to mandate it is by Conditions of Fitness, where we would need a fixed terminal.
Next it would need to be linked to the meter. Choice is then reduced, and prices will rise.
And yet TfL continue to bleat on about the free market.

There are so many problems with this issue they haven’t thought through….

If It’s linked to the meter what happens if little Johnny jams a lolly stick in the machine in the back at 6pm Friday night ?

What if it just fails due to a technical fault?
Do you get a stop notice?
Liberty have already told us TfL will not win a case if it goes to court.

There are drivers who for whatever reason do not have a bank account (yes that is true).

You can’t be made to have a bank account.
You may not be allowed a bank account due to some technicality with bancruptcy?

The United Cabbies Group are NOT anti credit card, we need to encourage drivers to use them voluntairly wherever they can.

Surely, we can work as a trade to develop a system of front and rear facing signage, once its displayed “NO BROOMING” or maybe another better solution??
We are seeing the beginings of how a well intentioned but poorly thought through idea is impacting upon us already.

Personally, I have a hand held Chip and Pin Machine, I have an in cab charger, I have a spare battery and carry a spare till roll.
I also have an iZettle Pro Device -Which despite all rumours, can print receipts using a star micronics printer- or for the  iPhone, any apple airprint compatible printer
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