CabbiesDoKilamanjaro Go Topless At The Charity Cab Wash, Along With GoWashMyCar

The CabbiesDoKilamanjaro along with GoWashMyCar, are today at the Iron Lung for a charity car wash event in aid of the Cabbies Charity For Military Veterans.

The session started at 10am with Paul and Rosh, carrying on their training for the expedition to Kilamanjaro. The cabbies were joined by friend of the Taxi Trade Francis and Jo from Plan insurance who actually got stuck in with their chammies, washing London Taxi Radio’s John Cox’s cab.
Highlight of the morning was when lady Cabbie Jane paid double the suggested rate to have her Cab washed by two topples cabbies.
Let’s hope the charity can wash goes well today and raises lots of much needed funds for this wonderful Cabbies Charity. You can even have a quick cuppa from another great supporter of the trade Tony at the Astral cafe’ opposite, while having your cab washed.
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