CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E117 05-12-2016

CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E117 05-12-2016



Issues Discussed this week:

TFL Release the Sexual Assault Statistics, but are they corrrect?

Len Martin resigns as General Secretary of the UCG

Trevor Merralls takes over as General Secretary of the UCG

Steve Mac appears to still be on the missing list

Mac The Cab will not be on the show for the foreseeable future

Cab Chat taking break from 20th December to 9th January

Rob Cardwell the Hairy Frosty will be on Cab Chat a lot more from January 16th 2017

All taxis need Credit Card readers fitted in the rear passenger compartment before 1st January 2017

London ranked as the most congested City in Europe

Steve Gooding of the RAC calls for a cap on Private Hire numbers to reduce congestion and pollution in London

New Facebook group for drivers facing depression in our current situation Friends of London Cabbies

Parody Songs

And much more………

Callers to the Show this week:


And Much More…………

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