CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E115 21-11-2016


CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E115 21-11-2016

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @GentlemanCabbie, @SeanPaulDay & @MacTheCab @Iamcabman @TheHolbornCab

Issues Discussed this week:

Massive Parody Release this week.

Warren Mitchell who played Alf Garnett died on the 14th November aged 89

Someone has leaked a copy of the PH English test to Uber and they have passed it on to their drivers

IEA have called for a scrapping of the knowledge

Uber driver who wouldn’t take NO for an answer has tracked down a female passenger via Facebook and its sending her messages “We meet again, now let me get to know you”

Uber banned in Denmark

Canadian Mayor stands up and declares Uber to be illegal

Trade Orgs meet with Mike Brown today but the UCG are excluded

Still no sexual assault statistics from TFL & the MET

Uber sending out leaflets in the post

Worst download figures ever when Sean Paul Day hosted the show

GMB are meeting with HMRC today regarding their Taxi affairs and avoidance.

Demonstration outside Windsor House at 4pm today while the trade orgs meet with Mike Brown

Callers to the Show this week:

Steve on the knowledge

Odd Bobby

And Much More…………

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