CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E114 14-11-2016

CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E114 14-11-2016


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Issues Discussed this week:

Normality is restored to Cab CHat with SuperCabby back at the controls!

Sean Paul Day turns up late for the show as usual!

Stansted Airport Drop Off point ripping off drivers, £3 for 5 minutes in the drop off zone and if you go over 5 minutes the charge rises to £50. Is this discriminating against the disabled?

Sadiq Khan vowed to clamp down on Uber! We will hear his exact words later in the show

TFL Enforcement have been instructed to come down hard on Taxi drivers!

Tuesday’s demo, do you think it achieved the expected effect?

More Prius’s go up in flames and yet TPH are silent and no recall or revilement of licenses

Taxi Point to close due to the developers of the App software closing down, a great loss to the trade.

Taxi App having great success in their first month, over 250 jobs go through the system in only its third weekend

TFL still not released the sexual assault statistics!

Karhoo on the brink of collapse and seeking further investment

Drivers warned to be careful around the Lisson Grove area as the attacks continue

Drivers are warned of possible credit card scam where the passenger removes the card before the transaction is completed

Uber propose to launch flying taxis!

GMB are calling for the rule stopping drivers from purchasing taxis from outside of London to be repealed.

Another London Cab Drivers badge for sale on Ebay had bids of £62,000

Insurance company Black Boxes giving false data and incorrect positional information, doesn’t bode well for driverless cars

TFL stating that drivers will save £5000 per year with a Zero emissions vehicle, are they for real? How much does the average driver spend on diesel?

Val Shawcross tells Lewis Norton that TFL intend the license Pedicabs

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