Black cab fares in Nottingham set to go up by 15 per cent from a week before Christmas

The price of getting a Hackney cab in Nottingham is set to go up by more than 15 per cent.

Fares are due to go up by an average 15.3 per cent in the night time and 16.5 per cent during the day.

The increase, which is the first in seven years, was proposed by the trade unions who represent Nottingham’s drivers of ‘black cabs’ (most of which are actually green).

It was approved by the city council today, November 27, and – subject to a two-week consultation – it will come into force from December 17.

Earlier this year, the Labour-run city council voted to replace the current fleet of cabs with new, more-environmentally friendly vehicles, which cost up to £72,000. These costs have to be met by the drivers.

Basheer Ahmed Latif is the chairman of the Nottingham branch of Unite’s Hackney Carriage drivers, and explained why his members supported the increase.

He said: “We are pleased at the increase because we are having to invest in the new vehicles.

“We haven’t had a fare rise for seven years, and in that time the cost of living has gone up by about 30 percent, the insurance has gone up by 50 percent, the price of diesel has gone up as well, and with the new vehicles the price of that has doubled as well.

“We offer a specialist service in the sense that all our vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and they’re five and six-seaters, and on top of that we have agreed to upgrade all our vehicles, so that really is a huge investment.

“If someone buys something like a new vehicle then they have got to be able to pay for it, and with all the costs going up this is really an incentive for drivers to stay in the trade, and we hope the public will support that for the future generation of Nottingham taxis.”

From next month, customers will pay an extra £1 for the first mile, and 20 pence more per mile thereafter.

So, for example, instead of a two-mile journey costing £5.60 in the day or £6.00 at night, prices will rise to £6.80 and £7.20 respectively.

A ten-mile journey would go up from £20.20 in the day or £22.00 at night, to £22.60 and £24.60.

There will also be a £1 surcharge on bank holidays; and a small increase in charges for waiting times.

The proposal was unanimously supported by the city council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee at Loxley House this morning.

Councillor Gul Nawaz Khan represents the Dales ward for Labour, and said: “Inflation has gone up, petrol prices are sky high, and the drivers are losing money every day because their fare hasn’t increased, but now we can agree to this, which is a really good idea.”


Source: Nottinghamshire Live

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