Bank Junction Blockade Day 3 : Plans Kept Off Social Media Leaves City Police In The Dark.

It gets worse!…. By Dave Davies.

The Planning and Transport Committee have given permission for two massive sky scrapers, just a couple of hundred metres away from Bank Junction.


Chair of the committee, Chris Haywood, claims Taxis are to be banned from  Bank Junction for safety reasons???

Giving Planning consent for these two new skyscrapers in the city, will create hundreds of construction vehicle movements for HGVs -the very vehicles, allegedly responsible for killing the most cyclists and pedestrians that he is claiming to protect.

There will also be 22k employees working in the two Skyscrapers plus additional visitors just 200m from Bank Junction.

Surely the City of London should be looking to create a safer Transport environment, not make it worse?


How is that Chris Hayward -who states he is not paid for the role as Chair of the Planning and Transport Committee but does it for ‘honour- is responsible for Planning decisions for hundreds of millions of pounds?

Surely there is something not quite right here when the decisions appear to be this unreasonable?

Yesterday’s demo, a massive success even in the event of a section 14 limiting the “static protest” to just 30 minutes, drivers moved on to two other venues and held out for over 3 hours.

A rolling protest by black cab drivers brought large parts of the City of London to a standstill during rush hour.

Following a 3pm protest at Bank junction on Tuesday afternoon – as part of an ongoing row over its planned closure to cars – the taxis travelled to Old Street for an unplanned demonstration.

The busy Old Street junction was grindlocked until it reopened shortly after 5pm, when there were reportedly delays of up to an hour, with motorists advised to avoid the area if possible.

The protest then moved on to London Wall, where delays of up to 40 minutes were reported, before it came to an end.

Something’s going on at Old Street Roundabout…..

Black cabs descended on Bank junction at 3pm as part of a five-day protest, with further protests planned for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

They are protesting against proposals being considered by the Corporation of the City of London to restrict vehicles, including licensed taxis, being granted access to the junction.

Old Street Roundabout is busy…

Only cyclists and buses will be able to use the roads once the 18-month scheme starts in April.

Superintendant Helen Isaac of the City of London Police said: “Whilst we have not had any direct contact from the organisers, we are aware of plans posted on social media for a demonstration in Bank junction in January and plans are in place to facilitate such an event.

They’re at it again outside Museum of London. Illustrating perfectly how too many taxis are clogging up our streets.

“We are keen to work with the organisers and would encourage them to get in touch with us.

“A robust policing plan is in place to ensure that timescales are adhered to and disruption is kept to a minimum

Source : The Evening Standard.

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