Appeal From The UCG…Please Support And Send This Letter To Your MP

As you are no doubt aware TFL are trying every way possible to avoid publishing the latest Taxi / PH sexual assault figures.

A member of the UCG has asked that you email your MP as a matter of urgency requesting their help to force publication.
The letter below can easily be cut and pasted into an email to your MP.
Please take a few minutes to do this. The figures MUST be made public asap.
Thank you
UCG Committee…
In March this year, in response to a Freedom of Information request, Transport for London agreed to publish Taxi / Private Hire (using the Public Interest Exemption) sexual assault statistics in the ‘coming weeks’ they never did.
In response to another FOI request on August2nd 2016 they said they anticipated publication on September 20th 2016 – they still have not done so, despite several assurances that they are imminent.
During the interim period women have been sexually assaulted, having had no warning from TFL of the possible dangers associated with using Private Hire vehicles.
Having used Section 22 of the FOI Act to justify their response, I believe TFL will shortly be in breach of FOI regulations as the use of Section 22 is conditional upon the ‘existence of intent to publish ‘ BEFORE the FOI request is made.
I would like you, as my MP, to demand the immediate publication of a complete and comprehensive statistical report of the sexual assault fata.
TFL REF: FOI – 0870-1617
Thank you
Editorial Comment :
MPs can only reply to their constituents.
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