Alleged Uber Driver Arrested By Heavily Armed Officers In Busy High Street

While the mainstream media are busy this morning publishing an altercation between a cyclist and a Taxi driver from yesterday morning…. the bigger, more interesting story seems to have been omitted from their rags. 
Yesterday, in broad daylight, armed police stopped an alleged Uber driver. Ripping open the doors they pointed automatic weapons at the driver, who was pulled out, handcuffed and arrested. Also handcuffed and arrested was a passenger in the white Hyundai Ioniq. 
Passers by were amazed that this operation took place so openly on an extremely busy Camden High Street. 
This was obviously a planned operation going by the number of heavily armed police and Met support officers…but why was it carried out in such a crowded thoroughfare ?
Why was this operation not commuted to a safer more secluded  location? 
One question that’s on every Taxi drivers lips “is this another one of Helen Chapman’s 13,000 Uber drivers who had fake criminal record check DBS certificates, that were swept under the carpet by TfL?” You can get  criminal defense lawyers from Confianza Legal help for the best advice on crimes. 
Source: TaxiLeaks
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