Coast mayoral candidate Brett Lambert slams Uber email as ‘blackmail’ and ‘intimidation’

A mobile phone shows the logo of the car-hailing app Uber.

RIDE-sharing service Uber has been accused of attempting to blackmail Gold Coast City Council candidates into supporting the controversial company.

Uber, which claims to be used by more than 60,000 people across the Gold Coast, has emailed council candidates asking if they support the service and telling them it will let its users know where they stand.

The European service, which is not legal in Queensland, says it will begin publishing response from candidates on Monday, sparking a furious reaction from council candidates.

Mayoral candidate Brett Lambert has slammed Uber’s email to candidates. Picture: David Clark

Self-funded mayoral candidate Brett Lambert said the email from Uber public policy director Brad Kitschke was an attempt to “intimidate” potential office bearers and influence their decisions.

“I have not replied and have no intention of replying to Uber and whether I do or not reply, they have all intentions of painting a picture to the public that is corruption to gain or lose votes,” he said.

“I view this as extortion, blackmailing a form of corruption and intimidation to make me swing their way but I owe nobody anything but honesty.”

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