102 year old London black cab discovered in barn could sell for over £20,000


A 102 year old black London cab discovered in an old barn in Gloucestershire. This rare and priceless cab of a bygone era has now been restored and put up for sale, where it is expected to fetch over £20,000. It is cabs such as this, that saw the end of regal looking horse drawn chariots on streets of London.

The chariot is now up for auction after being refurbished and polished. It still retains its original taxi meter and switches in the back so that passengers should indicate to the driver the direction they wished to go in. The London Cab has a top speed on 40 miles per hour and is now the only one being auctioned as most of these cabs were destroyed.

The cab is in excellent condition with most of its original leather interiors intact. It possesses a 16 hp engine with a three speed gearbox. It has wooden wheels with pneumatic tyres and paraffin lamps both in the front and rear. The auction will be held at The Castle Combe race circuit, Chippenham, Wilt on the 30th of June 2012 where it is bound to garner a great deal of attention.

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