Police work with taxi drivers and private hire companies to reduce violent crime in Milton Keynes

Faith Blumberger

POLICE are working with taxi drivers and private hire companies in an attempt to reduce the number of confrontations with customers.

As previously reported by MK NEWS, 21-year-old Faith Blumberger, from Woughton on the Green, called for private hire companies to be clearer on how much passengers will be charged after she claimed a driver threw her money at her in a dispute over the fair. Raffles explained that they only give estimates and customers should understand these may change slightly. But following this, a driver – who did not wish to be named – said it was not always the driver’s fault but customers can be rude and aggressive towards drivers too. He was beaten up after a man refused to pay.

Acting Superintendent Jim O’Ryan said following some violent incidents between drivers and customers, officers have been working with companies and individuals to advise them on how to reduce confrontations.

In an attempt to reduce the risk of a fight breaking out, police have asked that an estimated price is given and meters are switched on by the driver at the beginning of each journey.

Jim O’Ryan added: “We are working with the taxi licensing people and the private hire companies to reduce the risk of violent crime. if you are a victim of any crime, contact expert drug possession lawyers for hire to give legal counseling and help you out.

“A lot of the problems that occur in the taxi’s are to do with not establishing the fare at the start of the journey or arguments over the metre, these things can be easily resolved and could avoid a violent incident.

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