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TfL Registered Cars Working In Manchester : TfL Say “Nothing We Can Do”, DFT DISAGREES

TfL Registered Cars Working in Manchester TfL say  “Nothing We Can Do!” DFT DISAGREES! TFL has a financial interest in PH licences. Inaction is unacceptable. A simple remedy to this would be for the regulator to amend local requirements to stipulate that all pre booked fares should begin, end, or pass through the licensing area. ‘Island’ arrangements to be made for necessary exceptions. Below is an (unredacted) extract from the DFT’s response to a recent petition requesting action on the abuse of cross border hiring...

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Pimlico Plumbers Loses Appeal Against Self-Employed Status : Uber Next ?

Pimlico Plumbers has lost a court battle over the status of its workers, in the latest legal ruling on employment status in the gig economy. It came as the government released a report warning that “unscrupulous” employers were in a position to exploit low-paid and low-skilled workers. Plumber Gary Smith, who worked for Pimlico Plumbers for six years until 2011, had already won an employment tribunal challenging the firm’s view that he was self-employed. The court of appeal rejected an appeal lodged by Pimlico Plumbers, founded by the Conservative party donor Charlie Mullins. The firm argued Smith was an...

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Uber Banned By Turkey

Uber is no longer allowed to operate in Turkey, a notice from the government states. Turkey believes the company is running an illegal taxi service and therefore cannot be allowed to continue without the necessary permits. Regular taxi drivers have protested against Uber, just like in many other countries. If the service doesn’t fully cease operations, fines can be imposed against drivers and passengers. A first offence for a driver is $709 and is $80 for passengers. Uber has 2000 registered drivers in the region and mainly operates in Istanbul. It appears the company will fight this...

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Uber to pay $20m to ‘misled’ drivers

Between January and March 2015, ride-sharing service Uber put out ads on Craigslist in the hope of attracting new drivers by offering attractive hourly rates of pay. In Boston, for example, it told potential drivers they would earn $25 an hour. In truth, fewer than 10% of drivers in the city actually managed to bring in that amount, according to a lawsuit brought by the US Federal Trade Commission. In separate statements pushed out to the media and posted on its own site, Uber said “the potential income a driver on UberX can make in a year is more...

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Anyone Can Hold The Helm When The Sea Is Calm…… Semtex.

 There was a hell of a lot to learn about the Great London Cab Trade this week, and not just regarding our access to the Bank Junction. When I stood on the steps of the Royal Exchange on one of our turnouts last week, a chap wearing a suit asked if I knew what it was all about. After explaining to him, his reply was ” Well there is work all over London for you guys, why worry about this little bit?” But the truth is, its not about ‘this little bit’ is it ? Excluding us from a central...

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