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Statement From The Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) ….. Back To Industrial Action 1st March, 16:30-18:30

RETURN TO DIRECT ACTION The City of London and corrupt TfL leave us no choice. We’re not standing by and watching the death of our trade, by starvation!                    ITA STATEMENT OF INTENT In response to the City of London’s inability to lift the proposed restrictions on Licensed taxis entering Bank Junction, it is with regret but nonetheless valour- that ITA calls industrial action. To be clear, this is not a demonstrable attempt to highlight the trade’s insurmountable grievances against its regulator, but a systematic and principled protest against covert politics that are intended to...

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The Shame Of Transport For London : Party To A Nationwide Illegal Trade

Again, we see TfL registered private hire vehicles, using the Uber App to do local pick ups and drop offs, many miles from the area they’re licensed to work in. We’ve seen TfL registered vehicles working the streets of Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Luton, Portsmouth, Oxford Reading and many more. We’ve recently seen complaints from licensed Hackney Carriage drivers in Southend, that some local drivers -who have lost their Southend Council issued licenses over criminal activities- have been spotted driving London TfL registered Uber cars in Southend. Over this weekend, we’ve been informed that London TfL registered cars are...

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London cabbies to drive 150 veterans ‘Back to the Beaches’

A group of London pensioners who fought in World War II have been gathering in the capital today ahead of their final trip ‘Back to the Beaches’ of Northern France. The men and women, who are all in their 90s, are being driven to the D-Day battleground this summer by London cabbies. The campaign is being led by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.   Source: London...

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Channel 4 hails The Worlds Toughest Taxi Test

Channel4 has commissioned new indie Honey to make The Knowledge: The World’s Toughest Taxi Test, a 1x 60 access documentary going behind the scenes of one of the hardest exams in the world, the test that all black cabbies must take: The Knowledge of London. The film, which is Honey’s second commission, was commissioned by Lucy Leveugle, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel4. It was produced and directed by Hannah Lowes with Amelia Hann as the Executive Producer. For the first time, a fixed camera rig has been allowed inside the gruelling, nerve-wracking oral exams or ‘appearances’ for...

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TfL Registered Cars Working In Manchester : TfL Say “Nothing We Can Do”, DFT DISAGREES

TfL Registered Cars Working in Manchester TfL say  “Nothing We Can Do!” DFT DISAGREES! TFL has a financial interest in PH licences. Inaction is unacceptable. A simple remedy to this would be for the regulator to amend local requirements to stipulate that all pre booked fares should begin, end, or pass through the licensing area. ‘Island’ arrangements to be made for necessary exceptions. Below is an (unredacted) extract from the DFT’s response to a recent petition requesting action on the abuse of cross border hiring...

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